Two guys, who dreamed of offering unique and adventurous experiences

Tres Hombres Adventure offers a range of exciting and challenging outdoor experiences, tailored to the level of excitement desired. Our specialty is the Finnish nature, either by trekking, skiing, snowshoeing or kayaking.

Tres Hombres operates year-round, professional and customer-focused adventures. Our mission is to promote and facilitate sustainable quality outdoor experiences, maintaining our high standards of safety, fun and learning. We cater for your budget, need and time constrains and will do our best to ensure that you’ll enjoy yourself.

Tres Hombres Adventure Ltd

Verstaankatu 5 B 51
33100 Tampere

Business ID: 2531167-3

Bank: OPFI12 5730 0820 8927 98,     BIC OKOYFIHH

Consumer Agency’s ready to travel the registry: 2214/13/Mj

At your service :

Antti Härkönen, tour and kayaking guide.

Antti has made trips to South and Central America, Asia, Africa and Oceania for more than 10 years specializing in mountain hiking and canoeing trips. Antti has spent many Christmas and New Year’s Eves at high mountain slopes or islands far away from home. Antti teaches kayaking courses and takes groups to kayaking trips.

Antti’s dream is to explore the Tonga paradise islands by kayak.

Vesa Airio, tour guide and photographer.

Vesa is a veteran in Nepal trekking tours; Everest and Annapurna trekking paths have become familiar during several years. Vesa’s specialization is in photography and golf trips. Vesa takes photos for image banks and businesses and organizes photography courses.

Vesa’s passion is self-development in the hobbies he loves. As a sociable person Vesa enjoys sharing experiences in a pleasant group.

Memorable. Adventurous. Unique.

Tres Hombres Adventure Ltd