Rental prices

Paddling equipment 2 h 6 h Day Weekend Week
  • Single kayak including paddle, spray deck and vest
20 € 30 € 40 € 60 € 100 €
  • Tandem kayak including paddles, spray decks and vests
30 € 40 € 60 € 80 € 150 €


Our rental address is Hatanpäänkatu 6, see map below. We are not on the spot all the time, please make rental reservation either by calling us (number +358 40 504 7777 or sending e-mail to


Rental terms and conditions

Tres Hombres Adventure Ltd (hereinafter the leaseholder) applies the following terms in kayak and other equipment rentals. The terms and conditions will bind both parties when the customer (hereinafter the renter) has signed the rental agreement. The obligations of paragraph 3 will, however, bind the renter from the time the reservation is made.

1. Booking and rental rates

Equipment bookings are made by phone 040 504 7777 or by an email to

The renter is required to present a proof of identity on demand. The leaseholder is entitled to store personal data of the renter. The current rental price list is available on the website.

2. Payment of rent

The renter pays the rent according to the price list when renting the equipment. Other forms of payment may be agreed and registered in the rental agreement. The person signing the rent agreement is responsible for paying the rent.

3. Cancellations

A cancellation must be made two days before the booking commences. If the cancellation is made later, the leaseholder is entitled to a charge in accordance with the equipment booking. The renter and the leaseholder are entitled to terminate the contract without penalty in case of force majeure.

4. Use of equipment

The renter is responsible for taking care of the leased equipment and to exercise particular caution and prudence. The renter agrees to use the equipment only for its intended normal use. The equipment may be transferred to a third person only with a written permission of the leaseholder.

Any observations concerning the condition of the rented equipment will be recorded in the rental agreement.

The renter shall use a personal floating device when using the kayak. In addition, a helmet shall be used on rapids. Renter’s goods sensitive to moisture and water are on the responsibility of the renter. All moisture sensitive goods are recommended to be packed in waterproof bags. The renter is responsible for checking the water resistance of the bags.

Equipment must not be left unguarded.

5. Renter’s responsibility for equipment during the rental period

The renter is responsible:

– To compensate the damages occurred during the rental period

– To compensate the equipment lost during the rental period

The renter is released from liability if the leaseholder receives full compensation for damages from a third party other than the renter.

6. Leaseholder’s obligations

The leaseholder must hand over equipment to the renter at the agreed time and place. In addition, the leaseholder is required to provide guidance on the use of the equipment on request.

7. Renter’s measures in case of damage and theft

The renter shall immediately notify the leaseholder of damages or theft of the equipment. Theft and serious personal injury shall be informed immediately to the leaseholder and the police.

8. Leaseholder’s responsibility for fault in equipment

If the equipment has a fault affecting the normal use of the equipment, the renter may require the agreement to be cancelled. The contract cannot be cancelled if the leaseholder repairs or replaces the equipment in a reasonable time.

9. Returning the equipment at the end of the rental period

The equipment shall be returned at the end of the agreed rental period. Any changes in time or place must be agreed well in advance. The agreement of the rental period ends when the equipment has been returned to the leaseholder.

If the equipment is not returned at the end of the rental period and an extension has been not been agreed and the renter cannot be reached, the leaseholder will inform the police.

The renter shall return the equipment cleaned and maintained in such a condition that it is ready for use. If the equipment requires cleaning and maintenance measures, a reasonable cost to cover the cleaning or maintenance can be charged.

10. Returning equipment before the end of the agreed rental period or after the end of the agreed rental period

If the renter returns the equipment before the agreed rental period, the amount to be paid is equal to the cost of the booked rental period.

If the renter returns the equipment later than the agreed rental period, the amount to be paid is equal to the cost of the actual rental period .

11. Termination of the agreement

The leaseholder has the right to terminate this Agreement if the renter breaches essential conditions of this agreement, the renter is, according to the leaseholder’s assessment, unable to handle the equipment properly, or that the renter’s operation is not safe.

In case the leaseholder has terminated the agreement the renter is required to return the equipment without delay.

Upon termination, the renter is obliged to pay the rent for the time the equipment has been used by the renter.

12. Export of the equipment outside Finland

Export of the rented equipment outside Finnish state boundaries is prohibited without leaseholder’s written permission.